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About The Best Men's Leather Jackets

Men’s leather jackets are Known for offering the right balance between style and functionality, a leather jacket is a necessary element of a men’s capsule wardrobe. Men’s leather jackets are functional outerwear that possesses inherent charm and characteristics that put a must-have stamp on them. From providing warmth and protection to being flexible and durable, a men’s leather jacket comes in various styles, designs, and fabrics.

Each and every style of leather jacket conveys a story. For instance, a bomber jacket comes with its military baggage and a biker leather jacket is suggestive of its adventurous streak. With several subordinates and categories within the spectrum of leather jackets, we get lucky as we’re bombarded with options and versatility. Whether you have a classic style or an eclectic one, there’s a jacket available for you.

In this guide, we’re going to touch upon all the basics you need to know about leather jackets – starting from the popular types of leather jackets to their being a fashion accessory and how men wear leather jackets in Australia.

Men’s Leather Jacket – Types Based on Design & Fabric

Bomber Leather Jackets

A short-waisted boxy silhouette with hardcore military roots, a bomber leather jacket is a significant garment that hints at all that we’ve lost and accomplished. Bomber jackets for men took a new route in the early 30s when mainstream actors started embracing this vital piece of clothing as a fashion accessory.

A leather jacket with ribbed cuffs and collars, waistbands, and zipped closures marked not only its onscreen presence but was also visible on the streets; out from the cockpit of an aircraft. Bomber leather jackets are comfortable, functional, and perfect for any man with a classy style.

Biker Leather Jackets

Biker jackets demand attention and have an inherent in-your-face attitude, just like the personalities that made them famous. Motorcycle jackets were initially embraced by bikers and thrill seekers and their functional elements are representative of that fact. These are real leather jackets with asymmetrical cuts and belted waistlines. There are zipped closures, snap buttons, and flap pockets. With elbow padding, it adds the luxury of protection and comfort. A biker jacket is further categorized into a double rider and a cafe racer jacket.

Cafe Racer Jackets

Cafe racer jackets are comfortable and understated by design. Their key features include banded collars, zipped closure, and zipped cuff style. They come with both internal and external pockets (zipped and flap ones). Available in different fabrics, linings, and finishing, these jackets are must-have garments for any man with style and authority.

Double Rider Jackets

Double rider jackets are flashy and eccentric by design. They have oversize notch collars with zips and belts integrated either on the collar or the waist – bestowed with the purpose of tightening or loosening the grip for protection and comfort. The asymmetrical cut is fashion-forward and looks absolutely incredible with a monotone look.

Aviator Jackets

Aviator jackets are functional leather jackets that gained immense popularity during the Second World War. They offer elevated insulation and are constructed with thick linings for warmth and comfort. They follow the B3 bomber jacket design module – giving aviator or flight jackets buckled belts and shearling on the collar. Today, these are fashionable garments for men when the temperature drops below zero degrees.

Vintage Jackets

If you want a splash of nostalgia on your appearance, look no further than a vintage leather jacket. These jackets have an antique appeal due to their distressed finish. Some people are collectors of vintage jackets and that’s why they have such strong value – which only increases with time.

A distinct jacket that has faded hues and leather patina. If you’re an admirer of vintage goods, always invest in a vintage jacket made from real leather – it could turn into your most-prized possession and a standout piece of clothing that everyone notices. Not to forget, like any other style of leather jacket, this one grants functionality as well.

Hooded Leather Jackets

A practical garment that is stylish and serves an eclectic purpose. Hooded leather jackets are extremely comfortable and are considered best for casual wear. Most of the time, these hoods are detachable, giving you a two-in-one option.

Therefore, one should always invest in a hooded bomber leather jacket that can be a short-waisted bomber or asymmetrical like a biker leather jacket. Hooded jackets come in multitudes of variations; the varsity style has a body made from polyester or nylon with leather sleeves and a hood. You can customize your own hooded leather jacket, too.

Suede Jackets

If you’re aiming for a type of leather jacket that exudes charm and a distinct appearance; noticeable from first sight, suede jackets are for you. These jackets have a velvety texture and a soft and fuzzy feel. The rustic look is the product of napped leather, acting as an immaculate choice of workwear and even semi-formal outfits.

Cowhide Leather Jackets

Heavyweight leather jackets are supreme in terms of quality and are highly durable. Cowhide leather jackets are available in various styles and designs. The cowhide is distinctive in its look – it provides a rugged texture that only gets better with a pull-up or a semi-aniline finish. It requires little to no maintenance and grants protection from abrasions and water, too.

Sheepskin Leather Jackets

Sheepskin leather jackets give you a soft and silky texture. The supple feel is further enhanced with the semi-aniline finish. A real sheepskin leather jacket is lightweight, flexible, and extremely durable. It doesn’t require much attention and maintenance. Go for a sheepskin leather jacket by The Jacket Maker because it’s a high-quality leather jacket made from full-grain leather that will keep you looking classy, elegant, and confident for years to come.

Is Leather Jacket A Fashionable Accessory

A leather jacket acts as a layer during cold weather but it also shields you from scratches and bruises while you get dirty in the mud, touched with a glimmer of adventure. Before you buy a leather jacket there are so many considerations to be made; their quality, use of grade, construction model, feasibility, and of course, style preference.

Therefore, when you buy leather jackets for men, you must opt for real leather jackets as opposed to genuine leather jackets because they’re the top quality products made directly from full-grain leather, having almost no chemical processing done to it and ravishing in its most authentic glory.

Apart from its functionality, leather jackets serve as a statement. These are fashionable garments that make you look classy and dapper. If you ever feel that an outfit feels incomplete, add a layer of men’s leather jacket on top and find it transformed in the best way possible. It looks neat and proper, boosting your confidence when you meet new people or want to leave a good impression on others.

Men’s leather jackets come in a variety of colors – colors exude meaning. Brown leather jackets are subtle and give an alluring look to the wearer. If you want to stand out from the crowd, look no further than a brown leather jacket; it’s understated, classy, and genuinely stylish without being too loud and flashy. Of course, you can always step away from the earthy tones and go for something completely eccentric, like black leather jackets. The idea is to always feel confident and comfortable regardless of what color you wear.

Are Men’s Leather Jackets Popular in Australia?

When we speak of the most sought-after garments in Australia, we can’t deny the popularity of leather jackets. Men’s leather jackets in Australia are loved and admired by collectors and fashion enthusiasts alike.

Leather motorcycle jackets have gained sales in the last couple of years due to the increased indulgence of several thrill-seeking sports and activities. Leather jackets for men are classic outerwear that ensures versatility and added value over time (granted these jackets are made of real full-grain leather). Wear them as casual wear or work attire, these garments are prepared for an eclectic routine.

You will find men wearing leather jackets in Sydney, Adelaide, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Hobart, Central Coast, Canberra, and Newcastle. These are modern cities in Australia where men have a fashion-forward approach to lifestyle. Buy a leather jacket in AU from The Jacket Maker, an eCommerce store that offers the best variety and range of custom leather jackets for men.

Is it OK to wear a leather jacket?

Leather jackets are fashionable leather garments that are a must-have for every man. Of course, it is okay to wear a leather jacket, this versatile and classy jacket can be worn as casual wear or work attire. Functional wear that is comfortable and aesthetically pleasing.

Are leather jackets in Style 2023?

Yes, leather jackets are in style in 2023. In fact, leather jackets are always in style as they offer you a lot of variety, styles, and options. You can never go wrong with a leather jacket as your top layer. Wear a men’s leather jacket with a monotonous outfit or something flashy and textured like bright green velvet pants and a silver satin shirt. Apart from jackets, leather trench coats are also in style.

What is a genuine leather jacket?

Genuine leather jackets may seem like high-quality jackets but it’s a marketing technique that lures innocent buyers into thinking it’s a good purchase. However, always invest in full-grain leather jackets because this is real leather and that too of the highest quality making it extremely durable and flexible.


Leather jackets are outerwear that are essential menswear for anybody with style. Available in various styles ranging from biker and bomber to vintage and hooded leather jackets. Based on fabric, there are different types of leather jackets too, like sheepskin and cowhide leather jackets. You can get women’s leather jackets in similar styles as well – because leather garments are unisex now and no longer just for men.