About Trench Coats For Men

Talk about men’s trench coats and The Jacket Maker will give you numerous options that you can choose from. Among these would be trench coats for men, wool coat men, duffle coats, and leather dusters for men. What was once strictly a functional piece to own, now carries a unique style element that distinguishes itself from other men’s trench coats. Based on color, length, detail and fit among other distinct qualities, such as materials that include cotton, nylon, and polyester that are all available at The Jacket Maker. You can now adapt your trench coat based on your lifestyle, location, and need. At The Jacket Maker, we encourage you to be as decisive about your selection as possible. Trench coats for men may have undergone a change but we’re here to help you undergo an impressive discovery as to what is possible within the realm of quality men’s trench coats.

Men’s Trench Coats (Material)

Many of our winter trench coats for men are made of sheepskin or lambskin, cow or buffalo hide, with finishes that include Nappa, nubuck, aniline, semi-aniline, and oil-pullup. The Man Trench Coat is made out of the highest quality leather, which is full-grain leather. The leather tends to last for decades, without any wear and tear, the same types of leather are used in winter jackets for men. The hardware used in the trench is also made to last along with the leather itself. One of the unique properties of full grain leather makes it is water-resistant and breathable at the same time, which allows you to rock your Men’s Trench Coats in rain easily and carefree. When it comes to the men’s shearling coat, the fur used is faux but has the tendency to provide utmost warmth and can easily sustain chilly winds easily.

Color Shades of Men’s Trench Coats

Trench coat mens are made to achieve the utmost style, and in order to achieve that to the fullest, there are various color options to choose from. The men’s leather trench coats as well as women’s leather trench coats are available in basic colors as well as some vibrant shades that help you reflect your personal style easily. The basic colors include black, brown, and tan. And some vibrant options can be blue, gray, and khaki whose universal properties allow you to style the piece of apparel over anything.

Men’s Trench Coats (Style)

The Male Trench Coat Is available in various types and styles, some with bulky hardware and some with a more minimalist approach. The belted trench coat is one of the best trench coat options available in the market due to its classical nature. Along with this The Jacket Maker also offers duffle coats which are highly fashionable pieces of clothing. And lastly, Men Trench Coat with Hood is also a unique style that helps the most when it comes to utilizing the trench coat in moist environments.

How to Style a Trench Coat for Men?

The trench coat is daily outerwear that needs to be universal in order to be styled with mainly anything possible. But if you focus on highlighting the trench coat then you need to wear something that helps exude the coat. You can style the classic trench coat over a simple black high neck, black cotton jeans, and black leather boots and let the trench coat highlight your overall ensemble in no time.

Customize Your Trench Coats for Men

At The Jacket Maker, you can easily customize your men’s leather jacket as well as your leather trench coat in any way possible. Either you want your coat to be in a certain color, or you want it tailored. The Jacket Maker has got you covered in every way possible. As many questions as you may have, our helpful customer service team is here to answer and help you in any way possible. Remember making a request is just a click away so make your request to The Jacket Maker today!