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About Leather Bomber Jackets For Women

Bomber jackets have evolved over time from military gear to everyday outerwear essentials. A unique fashion arsenal with functional elements to balance practicality with style. Despite having military roots, the women’s bomber jacket has a cosmopolitan appeal that allows it to become an integral part of the everyday capsule.

What was once a military uniform – worn in the cockpit of an aircraft for protection and safeguard, is now seen as a major street style aesthetic. Not only that, bomber jackets are now great alternatives for leather blazers which were once the only go-to option of formal attire. Here’s everything you need to know about women’s bomber jackets in Australia.

Bomber Jacket for Women – Military Gear to Everyday Outerwear

Also known as women’s aviator jackets, bomber jacket design has gone through its own journey. Having fundamental value in the military world, it represents a time and era that established some core memories of the past.

Bomber jackets have a signature look; a standard for identification. For instance, it comes with a ribbed cuffs style and waistline. Furthermore, you’ll find that it has a zipped closure along with a banded collar, sometimes with fur and shearling or hoods. In addition, these jackets are at times integrated with padding and warm linings for elevated insulation. Due to their boxy silhouette, they are also a great option for women looking for plus size leather jackets.

Apart from a suede jacket for women, a black bomber jacket for women is deemed an essential part of a capsule wardrobe. The styling potential of a bomber jacket is unparalleled – you can style it with an all-white or an all-black outfit. From jeans to corduroy to an all-leather attire, bomber jackets prove to be extremely versatile and universal.

Styles Of Leather Bomber Jacket For Women

Ma1 Bomber Jacket

The MA1 bomber jacket is considered one of the most prominent vintage bomber jackets. You can trace it back to its military roots; the First World War, when the pilots wore these in the aircraft’s cockpit as shields. This short-waisted silhouette is quite popular in mainstream fashion today all thanks to its utilitarian appeal. The ribbed collar and cuff style is followed by a zipped closure and pockets. A bomber jacket in Australia is as important as a pair of blue jeans.

B3 Bomber Jacket

When we think of B3 bomber jackets, the image of women’s fur shearling jackets comes to our minds. These are highly functional fur bomber jackets for women that are known for their insulation properties. The jacket becomes thick and warm because of the use of shearling as a lining. The ribbed cuff style and fur on the collar make this jacket feel like a warm embrace in a chilly winter. There is the addition of buckled straps on the collar – to further tighten or loosen the grip.

G1 Bomber Jacket

This ladies’ G1 bomber jacket has naval roots. Having a masculine structure, this jacket has banded collars with ribbed cuffs style as its signature look. A jacket that has immense popularity in Australia due to its practical and uniform appearance. Women’s bomber jackets in Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane, Central Coast, Perth, Canberra, Melbourne, Hobart, and Newcastle are hugely popular as they offer Australians what they love best – casual style without losing functionality.

A2 Bomber Jacket

The A2 bomber jacket is a short-waisted boxy silhouette that became immensely resourceful during World War 2. Having a shirt style collar with flap pockets and ribbed cuff style, this jacket has ribbed waistbands and a rugged look. Today, you can wear embroidered bomber jackets for women in the A2 style by opting for the custom offering by The Jacket Maker. A distinct style that ensures comfort above all.

How Can Women Wear a Bomber Jacket?

Bomber jackets are unisex outerwear that looks fantastic on women. The next time you’re curating an outfit in your mind, ditch a women’s leather vest and go for a brown bomber jacket for women with beige pants and a white collared shirt. Bomber jackets for women also come with a hood so you can keep things casual yet stylish.

Is A Flight Jacket The Same As A Bomber Jacket?

Yes, a flight jacket is the same as a bomber jacket. Bomber jackets are also known as aviator jackets. Being a unisex outerwear, you can find exceptional styles of women’s leather jackets too.

What Type Of Jacket Is A Bomber Jacket?

A bomber jacket is regarded as one of the cool bomber jackets among the rest of the styles. This is a leather garment with different collar designs but a banded collar is its signature. It has a short, boxy, and oversized look along with ribbed waistlines. Having military roots, this jacket has high utility and insulation properties.


Bomber jackets are highly fashionable and immensely functional. They have a signature look that has evolved with time to match the necessity of that era. They’re resourceful with a uniform look – rugged, boxy, and utilitarian. A winter bomber jacket will serve you well, especially if it’s made from full-grain leather with a high-quality finish and shearling lining for warmth and protection.

The construction by The Jacket Maker is exceptional and that’s why it has gained popularity in Australia where functionality and quality trump all. Having versatile options for both bomber jackets for men and women, The Jacket Maker is gradually becoming the number one brand for all things related to leather.