Hooded Leather Jackets For Women

Dressing up in winter can be quite annoying. Not only do you have to wear bulky and unflattering outerwear that completely ruins your beautiful figure, but you also have to carry around and wear head gear like beanies and winter caps. Luckily, both of these problems can be solved simultaneously by investing in women’s leather jackets with functional hoods. These women’s hooded leather jackets have exceptional heat retention and cold wind protection that makes them more than enough for most winter climates. Now add in the cold protection benefits of a fur-lined leather large hood that completely covers your head, ears, and back of the neck, and you’ve got the ultimate cold-proof outfit setup. Let’s assume for a second that you don’t care about the cold protection of these jackets; are they still a good investment? Yes, they are, thanks to their figure-flattering and easy-to-style design. Not to mention the style benefits that come with a matching leather hood. The best part about the hood on these leather bomber jackets for women is that it is completely out of the way. So, you can integrate it into your outfit when you want or just ignore it when it’s not needed. Some women’s hooded leather jackets even come with a removable hood so you can customize your final looks even further.

Women’s Hooded Leather Jackets Style

Let’s start the hooded leather jacket styling process on a simple note; all-black. Just wear a black V-neck over black tight-fit jeans and black high-top sneakers, and you’ve got a near-perfect ensemble for a black hooded shearling jacket for women. However, this is the most basic all-black outfit you can pull off with these magnificent jackets. If you’re willing to put in a bit more effort, then start by swapping out the tight-fit jeans for bell bottoms or baggy jeans. They will transform the silhouette of your all-black outfit into something a bit more interesting, which is important when you’re rocking zero colors. As for the tops, silk loose-fit button-ups, turtlenecks, and black flared crop tops will lead your outfit to glory. Also, ripped and cropped black jeans are the ideal matchup for turtlenecks if you go that route. Lastly, the footwear is completely up to. You can wear anything from super long boots to velvet sandal heels, and it will look awesome in general. Getting past the all-black ensembles, we can start adding colors and patterns into the mix. Vibrant shades like red, neon pink, royal purple, etc. look brilliant on tops when surrounded by dark, grayscale hues. Similarly, patterns like stripes and floral designs can look incredible shiny black or brown hooded leather jackets for women. If color and patterns sound too extreme for you, why not give textures a try? For example, an outfit with khaki pants, cream knit turtleneck, distressed brown hooded jacket, and brown velvet shoes will look diverse and interesting despite its use of similar colors – all thanks to the unique texture of each item in the ensemble.

Custom Women’s Hooded Leather Jackets

No two people are the same, and no two people have perfectly identical taste in leather jackets either. That is why we offer one of the most diverse and complete collections of leather jackets on the market. Our list includes everything from the most popular design and materials to jackets with unconventional colors and design elements. However, if you’re still unable to find something to your liking, don’t worry. Our talented designer is ready to help you with a custom, tailor-made leather jacket. The best part here is that you get to choose the color, material, finish, style, and details.