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Real Leather Jackets For Women

Women’s leather jackets are cosmopolitan and sophisticated garments that retain their functional properties. Having much versatility to offer in terms of design and purpose, leather jackets are a must-have clothing item for high-end fashionistas.

The best quality of leather jackets is that they don’t box themselves as one thing – having a multifaceted personality, these jackets are available in different cuts, designs, and colors; ensuring women with different styles include them as their daily and formal wear.

Real leather jackets are made from full grain leather – the best quality of leather and also the most expensive as it’s almost untouched. There are different types of hides used to produce leather jackets. Cowhide, sheepskin, and goatskin are regarded as the most durable leather offering longevity with little to no maintenance.

However, you can also find leather jackets made from exotic leather like eel, zebra, leopard, and others. Leather jackets made from exotic leather are eccentric introductions to your wardrobe as they are flamboyant, reflecting your unique and bold personality. Every leather type is further enhanced with different types of finishing, like semi-aniline, pull-up, nubuck, suede, etc.

A women’s leather jacket is not limiting – available in different designs, it reiterates the functionality and varied purposes. You have bomber leather jackets, biker leather jackets, hooded leather jackets, fur, and shearling leather jackets, and much more. All styles and cuts are modern and stylish.

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Fur Shearling Jackets

Women’s fur shearling jackets are a rage these days – this garment dominates the fashion runway as well as the street style. A look that exudes luxury and charm but also provides high insulation properties; retaining the actual purpose of shearling, now a high-end fashion accessory.

Leather Trench Coats

Leather trench coats are elegant and exude power. In fact, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that all you need is a long leather jacket for women to reclaim your femininity and confidence. The design and cuts are varied, from double-breasted to a single-breasted design, you get to wear formal as well as informal coats. The idea is to buy a leather trench coat that flatters your body and fits like a glove, for that it’s best to get them personalized through custom leather jackets.

Suede Jackets

Suede jackets are designed to look understated but wealthy. These jackets are available in different colors and styles. You can opt for a suede jacket for women in bomber style and use it as perfect work attire. A suede biker jacket can also be worn on a chilly evening in Autumn to help you look sophisticated.

Biker Jackets

Women’s biker jackets got popular in the 70s – it has an asymmetrical cut with a belted waist and front zips. With elbow padding, shoulder epaulets, zipped closures, and flap pockets, biker jackets become highly functional. Biker leather jackets for women are known as motorcycle leather jackets and are extremely popular and comfortable to wear.

Leather Blazers

A classy outerwear that looks business casual and put together with just its addition to an outfit. Leather blazers are a necessity for working women – the notch collar and buttoned closure look super formal and elegant as work attire. Wear a black leather jacket for women for a meeting and feel a boost of confidence within yourself.

Bomber Jackets

Having gained hyper success in the 90s, bomber jackets for women are an everyday option that they can never go wrong with. Although they faced a slight decrease in popularity in the mid-2000s, they are back with a vengeance and are seen everywhere in oversized fashion. The short-waisted boxy design elevates any look and has a snug feel around the cuffs and waistline. The comfort offered by bomber jackets is unmatched retaining its military roots.

Women’s Leather Jackets In Australia – Street Style And Popularity

Practical, casual, and immaculate are the three adjectives that are used to describe the fashion scene in Australia. And when one speaks of practicality under the fashion umbrella, one can’t escape the appliance of leather jackets. A cosmopolitan outerwear that looks casual and resourceful without looking too shabby and boring.

With bomber leather jackets being the most sought-after choice for leather jackets for women, biker leather jackets don’t fall too far behind, nearly followed by hooded leather jackets, i.e., in terms of popularity in Australia. Functionality is an integral part of dressing for women in Australia as they want to feel comfortable but look smart and put-together without putting in much effort.

Hence, you’ll find women wearing leather vests, jackets, and blazers at parties, casual gatherings, and even corporate meetings. Come to think of it, there is high demand for women’s leather jackets in Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane, Central Coast, Perth, Canberra, Melbourne, Hobart, and Newcastle – all because these cosmopolitan cities are extremely business oriented and prioritize functionality over anything else when it comes to dressing.

Is It Ok To Wear A Leather Jacket?

Yes, leather jackets are fashion-forward outerwear designed to aid function and practicality. Therefore, one should always invest in leather jackets as you can wear them anywhere and with varied outfits.

Are Women’s Leather Jackets In Style 2023?

Yes, leather jackets are definitely in style in 2023. In fact, if one wants to look fashion-forward and stylish, the best thing to do is invest in a full-grain leather jacket that will last them for decades – given regular maintenance. How can a woman wear a leather jacket in 2023? Pair a brown leather jacket for women with a white midi dress and put on your best boots – you’re good to go!

What Is a Genuine Leather Jacket?

A genuine leather jacket for women is not the best investment since it is made from scraps of real leather, indicating poor quality and low durability. Genuine leather is essentially a marketing strategy to sell poorly constructed leather jackets. If you want to buy a leather jacket that ensures longevity and durability, opt for a real leather jacket for women.

How Do I Choose A Leather Jacket?

When you’re buying a leather jacket or long leather coat, you should always consider the material, finishing, and lining. These are the core aspects of leather jackets. Design is also a necessary element but you want something that will stay with you for decades to come. Therefore, make sure you purchase a full-grain leather jacket that serves you right.

What Age Can You Wear A Leather Jacket?

There is no age as per the rule at which you can start wearing a leather jacket. However, women in their late 20s and above start wearing leather jackets more frequently. It becomes part of their fashion arsenal by the time they hit their 30s due to the formality it adds to any look. From plus size leather jackets being easily accessible, this garment is integral to any woman’s wardrobe.


Leather jackets are essential garments that bring functionality to any ensemble. This clothing item is unique and offers a distinct style – based on material, design, and aesthetics. Whether you go for a bomber leather jacket or xxx, investing in a leather jacket can never go wrong. The popularity of this business casual garment in Australia is credited to its practicality. Now wondering where to get the best leather jackets from? Like men’s leather jackets, The Jacket Maker offers women’s leather jackets in similar designs and cuts that you can choose from. Customize your outerwear or select from their readymade options. You can find feasible, cosmopolitan, and high-quality leather jackets from here.