5 Corporate Gift Ideas by The Jacket Maker

Everyone loves a good gift, especially if it’s something memorable. Even more so, if it’s functional. Corporate gifts can have both of these elements as well as durability and uniqueness. That’s where The Jacket Maker comes in with not one but five awesome corporate gift ideas that are truly one of a kind, personalized business gift ideas.

Personalized Business Gifts

That’s right! The Jacket Maker offers you unique, handcrafted, personalized gifts that are made from scratch for every client. These are divided into the following categories below:

1. Personalized Leather Jackets

A creative way to corporate gifting is through a cool leather jacket. You can be as simplistic or artistic as you’d like, depending on your requirements, the options are endless and a leather range that is the widest. You can get one to several or more leather jackets made from scratch at a very reasonable price. This would be one of the best corporate gifts you could give anyone. Something they will treasure and carry around with them for many years to come. Personalized Leather Jackets

2. Personalized Leather Bags

Without leather bags, any corporate gift ideas list would be incomplete. Offering you an opportunity to personalize your corporate gifts. Again, you can choose any leather bag you’d like to be made from scratch and personalized in any unique way. From a logo to a name, quote or anything that would match your corporate requirements. Leather bags have always been a go-to for many business gifting individuals. Personalized Leather Bags

3. Personalized Leather Wallets

Another leather gift that would make a great business gift idea would be leather wallets. Timeless, functional and high quality. At The Jacket Maker, you can be sure you’d get the best in leather, craftsmanship, and quality all rolled up in a great leather corporate gift. You can pick however many you need, in whatever color, design and personalization you’d like.

4. Denim Jackets

Denim jackets push the envelope on uniqueness in corporate gifting. They are not only a timeless business gift idea but are also durable and functional. Offering maximum usage as well as appreciation. As with all corporate gifts, you can choose any type of denim you’d like in any color, style, and washes with a personalized touch to add finesse to this unique and personalized gifting. Denim Jackets

5. Textile Jackets

Another way to up your game in corporate gifting is by going for textile jackets that can be in any fabric you’d like including but not limited to cotton, polyester, satin, wool and a hybrid quality that includes two fabrics to be used in one jacket. It is truly a crowd pleaser, which means that it will be well appreciated. All you have to do is choose your fabric, color, personalization or any other details along with the number of pieces you require and let The Jacket Maker handle the rest. Textile Jackets

Ideas for Personalization

1. Logo Embroidery

Embroidering a logo is a good way to make your presence felt. Not only will it personalize your corporate gift but it will also add a significance for the recipient. For example, you can embroider your company logo, campaign name, caption or other unique elements on the chest, left arm or back of your customized corporate gift. Logo Embroidery

2. Name Embroidered

Another interesting element of personalizing your corporate gift is by embroidering the person’s name on the inner lining or chest of the customized gift. Maybe even a one-liner, quote or anything that is symbolic or personal to the person. A unique and subtle way to personalization. Name Embroidered

3. Custom Labels

Adding yet another interestingly unique element to personalizing your corporate gift would be through custom labels. Embroidered labels that carry a name, logo or a one-liner that reflects your company, campaign, event or anything that holds a significance between the recipient and you. Custom Labels

4. Logo Printing

Incorporating your logo, name, emblem or any other artwork can be given further depth through logo printing. Your dedicated design consultant will advise you on the types of printing that would best suit your design and artwork to give you the best results using this interesting form of printing. Logo Printing

5. Leather Patchwork

From the block technique to overall and strip piecing, get a truly unique leather patchwork for your personalized corporate gift by selecting one of these types of leather patchwork that will add some contemporary cool to your corporate gift no matter whom you give it to Leather Patchwork

For whom are Corporate Gifts Meant for?

Corporate gifts can be for just about anyone from your colleagues to your clients, associates, employees, teams, and groups. It can cover an internal office, company or organization, as well as a sports team, club or any other grouping. A corporate gift can be one single piece specifically made for a special occasion to commend one person or can be personalized for a group of two to ten or more people.

A Few Corporate Gifts that were Well Received

The Jacket Maker has worked with the likes of MTV, L’Oréal, MedMen, Rage Room, Murtha Cullina, Service Now and Wolf Pack among others in creating high quality, personalized corporate gifts that were not only in multiples but were all well received.

Corporate Gifts- Possibilities and Inspiration

By now, you may be thinking as to what exactly can be done for any of the corporate gifts mentioned above. At The Jacket Maker, you will not only find a wide range of materials, colors, and finishes to work with but also many options for engraving, printing, embroidery and many surface embellishment techniques that also include durable, great looking hardware.

Corporate Sign-off

Before signing-off and concluding this post, it’s possible; you may be wondering if corporate gifting is really what you need and if so is The Jacket Maker really the place to have this done. To answer this frequently asked question, corporate gifts are indeed a great idea and is the perfect way to mark any occasion with a personalized gift by which you are remembered. Interestingly, occasions are not the only time where you can present a business gift, as it is also a good way to forge an even better corporate relationship by simply presenting a corporate gift to anyone whom you’d like to say thank you in a unique way. Sure you can pick up anything to serve this purpose but will it be as one of a kind as the person whom you are giving it to? The Jacket Maker is the place where you have a great combination of materials, options, and possibilities that truly makes for a unique, corporate gift anyone will appreciate. What’s more, is that you can be involved in every step of this creative process and watch an idea turn into reality, starting from scratch.

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