Leather Duster for Men

Leather Duster worn as a protective layer between clothing and dust when riding horses, the leather duster has re-emerged as a fashion icon. This rise in popularity began with the western genre of movies, and it has stayed strong ever since. The design of this classic piece of men’s fashion is exceptionally eye-catching and, well, unique. There are no other coats or jackets that have a design even remotely similar to the leather duster. The only other piece that holds some similarities is the renowned trench coat. But there are some significant differences between the two, and both have their own special place in the men’s fashion market.

Fashion and Style

Men’s winter coats, along with the leather jackets, are a staple of men’s style, fashion, and vogue trends, but this popularity and prevalence in modern culture means that they are super common, and everyone seems to own one. That’s why if you want to include a truly unique and one-of-a-kind piece to your wardrobe, there is no better choice than our men’s leather dusters collection.

There are many benefits to owning a leather duster, but one that prevails among all is the sense of fashion and style that they provide. For example, putting on our premium men’s cowboy duster coat with a pair of jeans, leather boots, casual t-shirt, and matching leather belt will make you look like the lead protagonist of a John Wayne cowboy flick. Alternatively, wear our black leather duster on an all-black t-shirt and jeans pair with a hint of contrast with white sneakers, and you’ve got yourself a recipe for high-fashion tech-wear.

The real beauty of our leather duster coats lies in their ability to look classic and modern at the same time. The cowboy image combined with the contemporary clothing of a city dweller creates a look and style that, if done correctly, can leave people speechless over your sense of fashion and approach to outfitting yourself. And there is no prime example of this than our modishly classic brown leather duster.

Choices in Color

The color variety available in our leather duster collection is an excellent representation of its history and origins. The three main variations we offer are black, brown, and distressed leather duster coats. Each one of these colors has a distinct place in everyday fashion, and holds a spot of their own.

You would’ve noticed that these colors are darker, and even the browns are skewed towards darker tones. This is partly for preserving the classic cowboy in a western desert look and partially to balance out the design. Each one of our duster coats has an exceptional design that pairs flawlessly with other clothing, but colors that work impeccably with other kinds of jackets like our men’s bomber jackets are not a great fit for the duster. Let’s say, if we were to offer a leather duster with a vibrant blue color, then it would become nigh on impossible to find other garments that look good with it.

Why Choose a Duster Over a Regular Leather Coat?

There are many reasons why one would prefer a leather duster over a leather trench coat. First and foremost is the overall design aesthetic. Leather coats can look very similar to each other, and other pieces of men’s winter wear like the sheepskin coats. But there is no way that someone is confusing a leather duster for anything else. Their eye-catching design is distinguishable from a mile away.

The other big reason is the comfort factor. Traditionally, these coats were designed to be comfortable for long periods of time, often during travel, and we at The Jacket Maker take the same approach towards an article of men’s clothing that is as cozy and comfy as it is stylish and trendy. An added benefit is for people who ride on bikes, as the extended full-body coverage provides excellent protection from the cold wind.

Custom-made Leather Duster

We offer a great variety of styles, designs, and sizes of not only leather dusters but also other popular coats, and you will indeed find something that fits your desires and body perfectly. But we understand the importance of customization, be it for design purposes or fitting. That’s why we offer fully customize leather duster that allow you to get in contact with one of our talented craftsmen and start building your dream leather attire.