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About Aviator Jackets for Men

A men’s aviator jacket is synonymous to timeless classics within the spectrum of men’s leather jackets. Men’s flight jackets carry a unique contrast of classic and contemporary features. Pilot jackets for men, a popular name used to refer to aviator or flight jackets, have come a long way from being a war gear to becoming a fashion statement. The Jacket Maker’s Bomia MA-1 Aviator Leather Jacket and Francis B-3 Brown Jacket are the best of both modern and classic in men’s leather bomber jackets

Aviator Leather Bomber Jacket in Men’s Fashion — Material & Craftsmanship

The aviator jacket for men is available in several different leather materials, from sheepskin or lambskin to cowhide and for extra visual interest a mix of two different materials, very much like a hybrid leather aviator jacket for men.

The craftsmanship and detail on each of the men’s and women’s aviator jackets at The Jacket Maker is praise-worthy as each piece is given meticulous attention. The men’s fur jackets are yet another type of aviator coats for men that work as visual interest to bring out your individuality and style.

If you go by color, black bomber jackets for men are a popular choice. You also have brown bomber jackets, blue, green, red and distressed colors to play with. Aviator jackets are available in real leather and nylon, with semi-aniline finish as well as suede, rub-off, snuff and others.

The variety of linings that compact this immaculate design are quilted polyester and faux fur lining. Some have detachable hoods while others come with fur and buckled collars. The utilitarian theme is further enhanced by the addition of pockets; inside and outside. And the zipper closure makes the collection a contemporary and functional approach.

Make Aviator Bombers Your Signature Style

Aviator jackets are easy to style; an elementary design that helps you look immaculate and fashion forward in every room you walk in. A leather aviator jacket is a must-have item of men’s capsule wardrobe especially ma1 bomber jackets as they are versatile, vogue and easily wearable.

You can wear an aviator jacket for men with washout, ripped charcoal jeans and a plain white cotton tee for a casual rugged look or with tailored pants and collared white shirt and black tie for a more formal and neat look. The men’s aviator jacket can be worn with shorts, chinos, and khaki pants as well as beanies, ties and mufflers to accessories and elevate your style.

Aviator Leather Jacket As a Medium of Self-Expression

Clothes are essentially an extension of yourself, a creative outlet for you to express yourself, and an aviator bomber jacket does exactly that. It shows that you are practical, stylish and always on the go.

Find the best aviator jackets at The Jacket Maker; to revolutionize your day-to-day looks and bring an element of your personality in them. Available in a variety of colors, materials and designs, you have plenty of options to choose from.

More about Men’s Aviator Jackets at The Jacket Maker

Aside from men’s aviator jackets, you are sure to find an eclectic and wide assortment of men’s biker leather jackets, bomber jackets, leather blazers for men, leather trench coats and winter coats, leather dusters and a whole lot more.

For more spiece, add custom jackets to this already awesome range of men’s leather jackets. You will surely find custom leather jackets interesting as it enables you to get just about any leather jacket you like; tailored measurements, personalized designs, one-of-a-kind and eccentric cuts and silhouettes. This feature is applicable to individuals, teams and companies seeking to personalize their leather jackets to best reflect who they are and the story they’d like to share.