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About Leather Bomber Jackets For Men

Bomber jackets are designed to look cool and feel comfortable. It’s not exactly qualified as a winter jacket but instead, a light layer that can give you warmth and protection from the winds of early winter or a chilly autumn evening. A bomber jacket has high functionality and can be paired with literally any outfit to give it an extra oomph.

A men’s bomber jacket offers versatility without looking crass or cheap – despite it being available in loud and flamboyant colors. Of course, there are classic options too, like a black leather bomber jacket that looks elegant and stylish on everyone.

Having military roots, a leather bomber jacket looks vintage and provides features that elevate its purpose; not limiting it as one of the cool bomber jackets. In this guide, we’re going to discuss all the elements of leather bomber jackets and how they’re extremely eclectic, fashionable, and an integral part of man’s capsule wardrobe.

Design Of A Classic Leather Bomber Jacket

A bomber jacket for men comes in varied styles but can be described as a short-waisted garment with a comfortable, boxy silhouette. With ribbed cuffs style and banded collars, it grants versatility by providing options in collar designs; the hooded leather bomber jacket coms with fur, and shirt-style collar designs.

Sometimes, you will get bomber jacket collars with snap buttons to tighten the grip and provide a neat look. The boxy cut is essentially its signature look. Some leather bomber jacket designs have additional work done to make them more unique and fashionable. For instance, you’ll find paneled trims and shoulder or elbow padding, a common feature of a biker jacket. It has a zippered closure and pockets. Flap pockets are also common, especially in the B3 bomber jacket styles.

The body of a men’s bomber jacket is made from different materials and fabrics, leather, nylon, cotton, polyester, fleece, and much more. The same materials are used to construct the internal shell or the lining of the leather bomber jacket. The decision lies on the purpose, if it’s a winter bomber jacket, shearling can also be used as the lining as it offers more warmth.

For the finishing, you will find various options, from semi-aniline being the most sought-after preference. Pull-up, suede, nubuck, and aniline finishing are also quite common. You can choose your preferred hybrid designs and personalize them by opting for custom leather jackets. Also known as men’s aviator jackets, men’s leather bomber jackets are no longer just limited to the cockpit of an aircraft, but it now becomes a mainstream fashion garment and an integral part of a man’s capsule wardrobe.

The Popularity Of A Leather Bomber Jacket In Australia

The bomber style is the most popular men’s leather jacket design in Australia. Due to the temperature and weather conditions, men ditch shearling bomber jacket styles and opt for simplistic but functional MA1 bomber jackets.

A versatile garment that goes with almost all outfits. You can wear it with a monotonous pair of jeans and a shirt or add a bit more elegance by pairing it with a collared shirt and brown pants. Black and brown leather jackets are an immaculate choice as everyday work attire. As a grown man, you can ditch the hooded leather jacket that brings nostalgia for your boyhood; instead, invest in a men’s sheepskin jacket that looks more appropriate and out together for a classy men’s style.

Australia is a hub of all things fashion – this is where business and fashion go hand in hand. Being a country that embraces all styles of outerwear, it’s the bomber style that sticks and rages forward. The eclectic design and the comfort it extends to the wearer make a valid case for its popularity in the region.

Why You Should Invest In A Men’s Bomber Jacket In Australia

A men’s capsule wardrobe should consist of at least one brown leather bomber jacket and one shearling bomber jacket. As an Australian, you have mastered the art of looking fashionable without making too much effort – life here is fast and rigorous. Whether you live in Newcastle or Central Coast or Hobart, these jackets are a great investment for your wardrobe. You can find Australians wearing bomber jackets in Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane, Perth, Canberra, Hobart, Central Coast, and Newcastle.

Having military and aviation as its background, bomber jackets prove to be warm, versatile, comfortable, and extremely classy. Therefore, you should get custom leather jackets in bomber style from The Jacket Maker – a reigning online marketplace for all things leather in Australia. You will not only find a dapper brown leather bomber jacket for men but also some elegant women’s bomber jackets too.

Why Is It Called A Bomber Jacket?

A bomber jacket was first invented during the World War to provide pilots with a garment that shields them from the intense and unpredictable temperature of the cockpit of their aircraft. This is where the garment got its name. It is also known as the flight and aviator jacket.

What Is A Bomber Jacket Good For?

A bomber jacket is stylish, comfortable, and extremely functional. A men’s bomber jacket is available in various styles starting from G1 bomber jackets to A2 bomber jackets and others. These boxy silhouettes will provide you with an elegant look while keeping you comfortable. If you go for a shearling bomber jacket, it will further enhance the warmth and protection due to the nature of the textile.

Are Bomber Jackets In Style 2023?

Yes, bomber jackets are in style in 2023. In fact, these garments are classy and always in fashion – it’s long been established that their requirements are not just limited to the cockpit of an aircraft. Now celebrities and style icons opt for bomber jackets like it’s their go-to fashion ensemble.

Are Bomber Jackets Flattering?

You can never go wrong with a men’s bomber jacket – a low-waisted boxy design that looks great on all body types. Whether you are a big and tall man or you’ve got a smaller frame, this garment looks elegant on everyone and every occasion.

Why Do People Wear Bomber Jackets?

Bomber jackets look uber cool and offer comfort like no other garment. You can wear a black or brown bomber jacket anywhere you go – from office attire to a casual meet-up, this jacket makes you look put together without putting any effort into your outfit.


Men’s bomber jackets are sporty and classic at the same time. Available in various designs, fabrics, and materials, it brings versatility and subtle charm to the table. Australia is fast and eclectic and this garment matches the rhythm of the country and its people. The ribbed cuffs, varied collar options, zipped closures, and paneled trims provide function and style all at the same time. Thus, always invest in a real leather bomber jacket; not only would it last you for decades but it would champion you as a stylish man with class and sophistication.