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Distressed Leather Jacket for Men

Nothing puts comfort and style into one basket as well as a high quality, distressed leather jacket. No matter the occasion or even the season, a premium leather jacket is always a perfect choice. We at The Jacket Maker understands the importance and impact a well-crafted leather jacket can have on a man’s day to day life. That’s the reason behind our commitment to delivering luxury distressed leather jackets at a reasonable price.

Distressed – the tough look

Vintage distressed leather jackets for men are instantly recognizable and radiate an atmosphere of toughness and rugged old times. The association of jackets like our distressed café racer with hard-hitting gang members and tough men grant these pieces of upper wear an entirely unique vibe.

Are distressed leather jackets in style?

Yes, the modern iterations of these classic jackets are still at the forefront of men’s fashion and provide as many style options as some of the other famous colors like our black leather jackets. This height in popularity can be partly explained by the sheer amount of variety offered, as distressed is not, strictly speaking, a color. It is more of a scratched and rustic overlay that can be applied to a whole host of hues, shades, and styles.

How to style distressed leather jackets?

Unlike our regular black or brown leather jackets, the retro-looking distressed jackets offer a unique sense of style and fashion prospect. The distinct blend of a modern outfit and a classic jacket brings a whole new element of fashion into the mix, often referred to as the retro-modern style. Let’s take a look at the different styles of distressed jackets we offer and ways to style them in your day to day life.

Bomber/Aviator jackets

Starting their early days in the military and air force, the distressed bomber jackets are like a match made in heaven. The dingy distressed look works flawlessly with the military bomber design. While there are other colors and styles of bomber jackets available, almost all of them are focused more on the modern fashion implications. So, if you are looking for a jacket that is new yet offers the complete feeling of antique world war two jackets, our distressed aviator jackets are an obvious choice. But thinking that purchasing a historic looking bomber will limit your outfit options to dark and earthy looking tones would be completely incorrect. While they are ideal for blacks and dark browns of the clothing world, these jackets are not lacking in any way when it comes to a modern streetwear look.

Moto/Biker jackets

Moto distressed jackets used to be extremely popular with biker gangs due to the macho tough guy look they provided. Another major reason for their popularity was the practical aspect. Bikers used to wear them all the time, every single day, all the while riding a bike around in dust and debris. A posh suede leather jacket would’ve looked horrible after just a day of use in those conditions. While the biker gangs are long gone, their sense of style is still here, and a cool looking distressed leather jacket is still a staple in that genre of men’s fashion. You can pair them with a set of leather boots, ripped jeans, and a tight-fitting V-neck for a classy look that brings the old and the new together in the best way possible.

Shearling jackets

A big appeal for leather jackets is their ability to provide comfort and warmth, so what better way to experience these benefits than our fluffy and furry distressed shearling jackets. These jackets provide protection against the cold winds of winter in style and allow you to express your sense of fashion while staying cozy. In terms of styling, it is best to form your outfits around the distressed shearling jacket. The reasoning being that the front of the jacket will be mostly closed for maximum cold protection, so wearing a fancy shirt is mostly pointless. A good example of the styles you can try would be a pair of bright blue jeans, brown suede boots, and a distressed jacket like our B3 black distressed jacket.

Custom leather jackets

We offer an extensive lineup of stylish and fashion-filled leather jackets. Everything from our distressed leather jackets to colorful blue leather jackets is hand made from genuine leather by our expert craftsmen. This all-embracing variety allows us to offer something to everyone’s liking. But that is not all. If you want something that is not already available, or you want to customize and personalize an already existing design, you can do so by availing our custom leather jackets service, where you can choose everything from the core design and materials used to the color of stitching.